The Salvation Army's Stocking Is Empty No More

The St. Joe Company Foundation presented local Salvation Army leaders with a check for $15,000 for the Empty Stocking Fund.

The Salvation Army will use the money to buy toys, food, furniture, clothing and other necessities for about 6,000 needy people during the holiday season and beyond.

The St. Joe donation is icing on the cake. Another surprise check came in this week in the amount of $50,000.

Capt. David Worthy of the Salvation Army in Panama City was excited.

“There was a significant donation yesterday. An anonymous donation of 50 thousand dollars made to the Empty Stocking Fund, which really gave the fund a significant boost and it was really one of the catalysts for us kind of reaching that goal of 160 thousand."

Tommy Thomas Chevrolet and the News Herald have been the major sponsors of the empty stocking fund for the last three decades.