Momsen Terrorist Threat

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The Defense Department's Counterintelligence Field Activity, or CIFA, compiled a 400 page database of 1,500 suspicious incidents reported last year. Only a few were labeled credible, and one of those was a possible attack on the USS Momsen commissioning ceremony at Port Panama City.

The actual report, prepared by the Army's 902nd Military Intelligence Group based in Fort Meade, Maryland, went public after NBC news military analyst Bill Arkin obtained the classified database from a government source.

The report is the first in-depth look at how the Pentagon has stepped up intelligence collection in this country since 9/11. Some of the military activity is shocking, like labeling a legal protest at an anti-war Quaker meeting in Lake Worth, Florida as a domestic terror threat.

"I think Americans should be concerned that the military, in fact, has reached too far."

But the report's mention of the Momsen ceremony as a possible terror target has stunned locals, especially those who were at the event.

"Right behind me is where the USS Momsen docked when it came for the commissioning ceremony. Now it was expected to be a day of celebration, and that's what it turned into, but it could have been a day of tragedy."

According to Port Director Wayne Stubbs, the Momsen's captain and crew were primarily responsible for the event's security along with the help of some of local military assets. What no one seems to know is how much they knew at the time, and if there really was a credible threat.

"I think some people in the Navy and the Department of Defense have said they don't know anything about it so that's even a little bit more curious, you know you have to wonder how serious the threat was or how credible it was cause there hasn't been any real follow up on it or any investigation that I know of."

The 902nd Summary did not specify any group or organization behind the threat against the USS Momsen, nor did it provide any details of the terror attack plan, but it refers to the plot as "aborted."

We contacted Congressman Allen Boyd, Senator Nelson and Gov. Jeb Bush to get their reaction. All three were at the Momsen ceremony. So far they haven't returned our calls.