Local Cop Killer Suspect May Have Blown His Planned Insanity Defense

The man accused of killing Panama City Beach Police Sgt. Kevin Kight may have shot down his own chances for an insanity defense.

Prosecutors under a Freedom of Information Act request from NewsChannel Seven handed over a recording of a telephone conversation between Robert Bailey and one of his friends.

Bailey’s defense attorney has filed paperwork arguing that Bailey is not mentally competent to stand trial for the murder.

But, Bailey’s phone call to John Braz is telling a different story.

Bailey tells Braz he’s trying to convenience psychologists he’s mildly retarded. He explains why.

“You ain’t understanding brother. If you have to go to the nut house for five years, and they don’t find you competent, they legally find you not guilty by reason of insanity.”

Bailey then went on to tell his friend to ignore any unusual letters he may send in the future. It’s all part of his scam to get off for the murder. He says jail officials are monitoring his mail so he writes things that would lead them to believe he’s from the future.

If the court finds bailey mentally competent his murder trial could begin by the end of January.