Lynn Haven Hit by Christmas Eve Tornado

Dozens of area families are cleaning up their homes, not from gift wrap and boxes, but from trees and windblown debris.

Tornados touched down around the Lynn Haven area Christmas Eve night around 10:30 p.m. While there were no reports of injuries, there was significant damage.

Most was reported in the areas around 8th and 9th Street and Virginia and Alabama Avenues

Kellie Locker and her husband Ralph were busy wrapping presents Saturday night when a twister delivered a tree right through their roof.

“I sat at the computer and said that’s getting really loud. He opened the blind and said that’s a tornado. It’s a tornado.”

“The power was flashing and it was like they say, a freight train. It was so loud and strong you couldn’t breathe or think.”

The damage in Lynn Haven could be seen for several blocks.

A house on 9th Street was heavily damaged, and blocks away Russ Pitts lost most of his back yard.

“We found the trampoline up in the power lines. They guy behind me found his up on Vermont Ave.”

A couple of homes were heavily damaged; others sustained lesser damage. The best news is no one was injured.