Monday Was the Busiest Return Day of the Year

By now you've probably opened your gifts and have a pile of unwrapped, ready to return presents.

Whether it’s the wrong size, the wrong color, or simply just another holiday sweater you don't want, you and millions of Americans will be on your way to make returns.

But before you hit the store, we have some helpful hints as Americans will gather their unwanted gifts and form snaking lines around the custom service desk.

Making returns doesn't have to be painful. Come early, and ask for a gift receipt. According to the National Retail Federation, 49 percent of holiday shoppers are enclosing a receipt with their gifts.

And store return policies vary. Without a receipt, most will offer only a store credit or exchange, and when it comes to electronics, try not to open the box or wrapping if you plan to return the item. Be sure to return all the cords and accessories which came with the gift.

Many stores print their return policy on the back of their receipts, but if you still have questions contact your local retailer.