Hidden Cameras Found in Townhouse Complex

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Joyce Marshall hadn’t even unpacked her belongings before deciding Unit 124 at the Cheri Lane Townhomes was not the place for her.

"I already feel like I've been violated, even though nothing's happened, I feel like I've been violated."

Parker police found mini cameras planted in the bathroom and the walls of Marshall's town home. She says her landlord, Judson McDevitt, planted the cameras in her town home as well as at least one other.

This all began when one of Marshall's neighbors got an unusually high electric bill. He noticed extra wires coming out from his town house and four others, all owned by McDevitt.

The wires led to a storage shed in the backyard. Inside were recording devices, excessive wiring, and videotape. He called Parker police who checked the scene and took some of the equipment, but it wasn't until they found a little hole in Marshall's bathtub on Tuesday that the case broke.

Because of what was found in the upstairs bedroom, investigators issued a search warrant to search the outside shed, and because of what was found in the outside shed, the investigation got even more intense.

"RCA, DVD combo, digital video capture box, a router, a compact video monitor, a video tape, a box of CAT 5 cable, two pinhole cameras, misc. wires, a bag of wires with another pinhole camera, two volt meters, two misc. drill bit and misc. electric cords."

After searching the shed, investigators decided to knock out the bedroom wall connected to the bathroom. With a tiny camera, someone could spy on anyone in the bathroom. Added mirrors on the bathroom door provide a clear view of the toilet and the shower. It didn't stop there.

Investigators found holes in the ceiling and holes in the vent. The story is the same for the townhouse next door, also owned by McDevitt.

Marshall says the worst part about this is her three children living in the house with her.

"I'm really skeptical now, especially having kids. What if this would’ve gone further and they were ion the Internet? That's something you can never take back is your kid's innocence."

Marshall has three children, two girls, one 15 months and one four years old. Fortunately this problem was caught before any taping happened, but the scary thing is, we don't know if he's possibly done it before, or if he'll possibly do it again, especially because if convicted, this will only be a misdemeanor.

Investigators gathered all evidence, and may be issuing a warrant to check the owner's home as well.

Judson is a Merchant Marine and isn't in town right now. There’s no word what kind, if any, charges he'll face.