Motorcyclists Turn Themselves in After Truck Stop Shooting

The two motorcyclists involved in last week’s truck stop shooting turns themselves in, the third motorcyclist dies.

Tuesday evening around 6:30, Kevin Denkevitz and Craig Frederickson turned themselves in at the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office and housed in the Jackson County Jail to await first appearances.

Wednesday, the third motorcyclist involved in the incident was pronounced dead at Bay Medical Center.

The trio was involved in a string of incidents that ended with a shooting last Monday at the Sunoco Gas Station

Denkevits of Sanford, North Carolina and Frederickson of Maple Hill, North Carolina are facing multiple charges.

Investigators believe it all started from a road rage incident on Interstate 10 between a motorist and three motorcyclists.

When the car stopped at the Sunoco Gas Station, the bikers followed and the incident escalated with one of the bikers shooting into the car.

No one was hit by the bullets.

The car's driver hit one of the bikers with his SUV sending him to the hospital who dead Wednesday.

Denkevitz is charged with aggravated assault with a firearm and shooting into an occupied vehicle.

Frederickson is charged with burglary of an occupied conveyance with battery and criminal mischief.