More Evidence, More Hidden Cameras

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Investigators spent hours inside of the two homes owned by Judson McDevitt Thursday. They say they found piles of pornography, as well as more electronic surveillance equipment, including night vision cameras.

This is just the latest evidence collected since some of McDevitt's tenants discovered possible surveillance equipment inside of their Cheri Lane Townhomes units.

Some of McDevitt's neighbors who are offering more insight into this case.

Stacy and Alisha Pugh live across the street from one of Judson McDevitt's homes. They say McDevitt tried to get them to move into one of his townhouses in Cheri Lane, but they said something just didn't seem quite right.

Stacy and Alisha Pugh says, "We went down there to check it out and he said he had a shed behind there that he used for business. He said he'd accommodate $30 a month for electricity because he used it for work and business. We decided not to because it sounded a little funny. It was strange."

It was a higher-than-usual electric bill that unraveled this mystery. One of McDevitt's other tenants started snooping around and noticed the extra wires leading from his unit to the storage.

On Tuesday Parker police went into several of the townhouses and found tiny cameras hidden in the walls and in bathtubs. They collected 16 bags of evidence from units 116 and 124.

Thursday morning police secured search warrants for McDevitt's two homes. They say there were stacks of pornographic magazines and videos everywhere, as well as more surveillance equipment.

As for the Pugh sisters they say they're glad they didn't get involved with McDevitt.

"He thought it was just gonna be me and my sister, but my fiancée was going to move in too. He didn't realize that until later. Then he quit asking."

So far Parker police have not charged McDevitt with any crime, but that could change as they continue to dig through the piles of evidence.

McDevitt is a Merchant Marine. He has not been in town since this story broke. We tried to call him today, as well as the manager of the Cheri Lane complex. Neither one returned our calls.