Two Women Behind Bars After Murder for Hire Plot Went Bad

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Investigators say they've never seen a plot this serious or so well-planned, but apparently they didn't plan well enough.

The two women, who authorities say were lovers, allegedly tried to hire an undercover sheriff's deputy to kill Damion Reeves, an airman with the U.S. Air Force and the estranged husband of one of the women.

Investigators say the motive for this plot was money.

Seventeen-year-old Amanda Reeves and her husband Damion are in the process of a divorce. Right now Amanda Reeves is the beneficiary of the $500,000 life insurance policy. Once the divorce is final, Damion Reeves' mother becomes the beneficiary.

Authorities say Reeves and her lover, 23-year-old Rachel Anderson Hatche, planned the murder for hire plot. Somehow, Bay County sheriff's deputies found out about it.

Capt. Jimmy Stanford with the Criminal Investigations Division says, "On Wednesday we were able to introduce an undercover police officer into the scenario who portrayed himself to be a hit man."

Stanford says the women met the undercover officer at a motel and laid out their plan.

"They did in fact say they were looking for someone to kill her husband. He acted like he would be willing to do that. They supplied him with information, murder weapon and the means to carry out the murder."

The women allegedly gave the undercover officer a butcher knife and a piece of jewelry as a down payment, with the rest coming after Reeves received the insurance money.

Authorities say they told the officer to kill Damion at the under The Oaks Park in Parker Wednesday afternoon.

"The undercover officer left as if he were going to commit the murder. We then had some police vehicles in the area with sirens to indicate we were responding to the scene."

Investigators say the women showed no emotion when they were told Reeves had been murdered. After seeing their lack of reaction, deputies arrested the women on charges of soliciting murder in the first degree.