Road Rage Sparked Altercation at I-10 Truck Stop

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Investigators said road rage on I-10 was what sparked the explosive altercation between three North Carolina motorcyclists and truck driver.

"That incident took place probably 30 to 50 miles west of here, out of our jurisdiction" Jackson County Sheriff, Lou Roberts said. "But whatever that event was continued as the truck was off the interstate getting fuel. The motorcyclist who had been involved in that altercation stopped at that same gas station. The [motorcyclists] blocked [the driver of the Ford Raptor's] means of going forward and a battery occurred on the driver of that vehicle."

Robert Haney, the driver of the pick up truck, a woman and a child were in the vehicle when cyclist Kevin Denkevitz allegedly began shooting.

Haney struck cyclist, Terry Gibbs, 55, while allegedly attempting to leave the station.Gibbs was life flighted from the scene to a hospital in Panama City where he later succumbed to his injuries.

Roberts told us Denkevitz and Craig Mathew Frederickson has turned themselves in Tuesday night. Denkevitz has been charged with aggravated assault with a firearm and shooting into an occupied vehicle. Frederickson was charged with burglary of a vehicle, battery, and criminal mischief greater than $200.

"The fact that one of the motorcyclist approached the driver of the vehicle, damaged his rear view mirror on the outside of the vehicle and struck that individual- or battered that individual- while he sat inside his vehicle constitutes battery and burglary" Roberts explained. "Burglary means you've gone past the actual threshold of that vehicle to gain entry even if it was just a hand."