Low Water Pressure in PCB

Some beach condos and businesses say they've had some very low water pressure in the end of June.

Management at the Tidewater Resort claims the lower water pressure caused the condo to lose air conditioning because the system uses water-cooled rooftop units.

Beach officials said Thursday say that it's become a legitimate problem.

Officials say that the peak tourism season has been a factor in the low pressure.

The Fire Department is also currently flushing-out the fire hydrants, causing some condo residents to question the timing of that decision.

However, officials say the flushing was necessary, because the city's utility department is relocating some water lines in conjunction with construction on Back Beach Road.

Al Shortt, the Utilities Director for Panama City Beach explained the issue Thursday.

"We had to install some valves a couple of days ago and what had happened in doing that, the water has to change directions and go a different direction than it normally did, which created a little bit of discoloration of the water. We were flushing to try and get that discoloration out of the system and that's what caused the pressure drop a little bit but that was for a couple of hours yesterday and that was resolved."

Shortt says the city would like to have done the work in the off-season, but they're trying to stay ahead of the Department of Transportation's work schedule.

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