Tropical Zeta Forms in Atlantic Ocean a Month After Season Ends

Tropical Storm Zeta ties a record for the latest developing named storm when it formed Friday in the open Atlantic Ocean.

The National Hurricane Center says Zeta isn't forecast to become a hurricane or threaten land. But Zeta's development is significant because it came a month after the official November 30th end to the
busy 2005 hurricane season.

The six-month season featured a record 14 hurricanes. Hurricane
Katrina devastated Louisiana and Mississippi in August in the most
costly disaster in U-S history.

Forecasters exhausted their list of 21 proper names and began using the Greek alphabet to name storms for the first time.

Zeta ties one other storm for the latest developing named system since record keeping began in 1851. National Weather Service spokesman, Greg Romano, says Tropical Storm Alice developed December 30th, 1954, and later became a hurricane before dissipating a few days later.

Romano says Zeta just made the cut to be counted for this season because storms developing after December apply to the following season.