$10,000 Watermelon at Chipley Festival

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How much have you had to pay for a watermelon?

Today, a couple locals bought one for $10,000. It's a record amount in the Annual Panhandle Watermelon Festival held in Chipley.

Organizers of the event say that it's a family-fun event that's been held for 57 years. It was originally started by local farmers at the end of watermelon season, and has been going strong ever since.

"I think it's just about food and fun, and fellowship. Those are the three key ingredients."

"Today is about community, it's about family, just about something for everyone here," says Watermelon Festival Chairman Colby Peel.

"This is our little claim to fame every year to have folks from the surrounding areas and the panhandle come enjoy some watermelon or gator on a stick, whatever delights their fancy," says volunteer Dell Corbin.

The festival brings in hundreds of people from all across the southeast.

It features a wide variety of vendors, arts and crafts, a pancake breakfast, a 5K run, a car show, and lots of live music from big names like Andy Griggs.

Volunteers at the festival even give away watermelon slices for free.

It's also a tradition at the festival every year to auction off watermelons at extremely high prices. This year one even sold for $10,000.

"Prior to this year I think the most we had ever sold a watermelon for was thirteen hundred dollars," said Peel, "this year we sold a watermelon for $10,000."

That's a record amount for the festival's history.

All of the money made in the auction helps fund the festivities for the following year.