Scalloping Season Opens Early

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"We're going scalloping...yeah!" said William Aulbach excitedly before preparing to brave the rainy bay Saturday morning to go scalloping.

"He's been excited about it for awhile and I don't have the opportunity living in Atlanta to come down here and do it that often, so we thought, we might as well, no one's allergic to rain or anything," said Brandy Drinkard.

It was in that spirit that the duo hit the water to celebrate the early scallop season.

"They opened it up 2 days early so we could get some time on the weekend so people that gotta work can come down and enjoy a little bit while they can," said Sam Taylor, an employee at Bluewater Outriggers. "It's made a big impact cause a lot more people have been able to come down."

Those that came have high hopes that this year will be better than last.

"I read somewhere that the count this year is twice what it was last year...last year's pick up was pretty abysmal," said Aulbach. "I think we were out here, me and a couple friends for like 3 hours and we got like maybe a half a gallon, so if we're out here an hour and a half and get a gallon, I'll be happy."

Scallop season last from this weekend until September 24th.

Officials with the FWC remind recreational harvesters they need a saltwater fishing license to harvest bay scallops, even when scalloping from the shore.

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