Bay County Man Auditioning for "The Voice"

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A Bay County resident will be making his debut on the popular television show called “The Voice” next season.

Trey Ramey has always loved to sing, but this July he’s taking his passion to a whole new level.

"When I got my email, it was on mother’s day, and I got an email from the CEO saying that you are going to be a contestant for the upcoming year for The Voice, it blew my mind, I ran to my mom, called my mom, and said this is it.. I made it," said Ramey.

He will audition live in front of celebrity judges on the hit TV show, “The Voice.”

"I am ready for the criticism because I know whatever advice they give me, it’s going to prepare me better and it’s going to make me a lot stronger, so I am excited."

Ramey says the people that have musically inspired him the most are his mom, his dad, and his Mosley High School music teacher.

He admits that it is hard to have a successful music career in a small town, but he hasn't given up hope.

"I’m so excited; I’m baffled honestly, to have this chance and this moment to fulfill my destiny in the music industry."

No matter the outcome of the show, Ramey plans to return to the Emerald Coast when the show is over.

"I do want to come back and actually build schooling for children, there’s a lot of children out there that can really afford piano lessons or music lessons, dance, arts, you know I want to do that."

If you would like to support Trey on his journey to Austin, TX you can send him an email at