Kid Checkout

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Jackson County school officials say they stand by their decision to allow a woman to pick up a child without being on the sign-out list.

Two weeks ago we told you about Bernard Longo and his 12-year-old son Dominic. Bernard reported Dominic missing after he didn't show up from Cottondale Elementary.

It turns out Longo's ex-wife Shelly picked the boy up at school, presenting several legal documents, showing she had custody.

The school staff and Cottondale police say they examined the documents for nearly three hours, and they say they made several attempts to contact Bernard Longo before they decided to release the boy to his former stepmother.

They say the school did nothing wrong, despite the fact the stepmother was not on the school's officials sign-out list.

Danny Sims, School superintendent, says, "Those legal documents override anything that's on the list. Any court order overrides those sorts of things. That's there for our protection. We want to make sure the child goes home with the person they're supposed to go home with. In this case the court order said it was the stepmother."

Dominic has since been reunited with his father.