Families of Alexis Fairchild and Sidney Good Release Second Statement

The families of Alexis Fairchild and Sidney Good have released a second statement updating the girls' condition.

"Our daughters, Sidney Good and Alexis Fairchild, are still in critical condition at Bay Medical Center in Panama City, Florida from a parasailing accident on July 1.

Both girls sustained head trauma as well as multiple severe lacerations.

Alexis has severe back injuries and Sidney has neck trauma. However, we are fortunately seeing some positive signs from both Sidney and Alexis.

Sidney has been responsive to caregivers and has been able to use small movements to communicate including a thumbs up for her parents.

Alexis had surgery today on her spine and has also been responsive including a small wave at her parents when she returned from surgery.

Our families are incredibly touched by all the support we've received from friends at home and from many people we haven't met before who are praying for our girls.

While the situation is still critical we are encouraged by these very small signs of progress. We have heard from so many generous people who have offered to help and we are working to establish a fund for the medical care of both Sidney and Alexis.

We will have more information on that to come.

Thank you again to all who are thinking of and praying for our girls. Your prayers are working!"

17-year-olds Sidney Good of Roanoke and Alexis Fairchild of Huntington, Indiana were injured Monday when their parasail broke free from a tow boat. The girls hit a condo building, power lines and several cars on their way down.