So far Mother Nature hasn't taken kindly to 2006

For the second day in a row, northwest Florida has had rain and some severe weather. Heavy rain, high winds and a possible tornado created problems for people throughout our area.

Most of those problems came from flooding. Patricia Gamblin and her husband woke up at their Bayou George home Monday morning to find their yard under water. “When it rained hard our whole yard looked like a lake, we couldn't drive through our driveway.”

It was particularly concerning for Gamblin, whose husband just had heart surgery. “If we had an emergency or something, we couldn't get out because as you can see we had a delivery earlier this morning and the guy just really went down in there."

Throughout Bay County and the surrounding counties the story was the same. The storm caused heavy flooding in the streets and knocked out power to traffic lights. "I want to say the rain we had today was pretty bad. I would say it's almost worse than the hurricanes the last few times."

For most people, Monday was a holiday. But, heavy rain, forced many to change their plans.

"The one day I really don't want to shop, I'm in the store because of the rain and the tornado watch. So now I'm going to sit in my car and wait for the tornado warning to be over. My husband said I can't come home until the tornado warning is over."

A tornado watch was in-effect for parts of our viewing are for most of Monday. Fortunately most expired by early evening.

There were several water spouts sighted in area gulf waters. But all dissipated without causing any damage.

There were reports of possible tornado damage in Liberty County west of Tallahassee to a car and a mobile home. But no one was hurt.