Heavy Rainfail Floods Panama City Beach Roads

19-year ago this week, Tropical Storm Alberto came ashore here in the panhandle, dropping as much as 13-inches of rain and eventually causing some of the worst flooding in 100-years.

Some areas of Bay and Walton counties have seen as much as 18-inches of rain in the last 36-hours, and Bay County, which did not have any flooding from Alberto, is extremely waterlogged and traveling in Panama City Beach has been nearly impossible.

The weather forecasts indicated rain all week but very few people expected the kinds of downpours and flooding we've seen the last 2-days.

Major thoroughfares like Hutchinson had to be closed down.

Around 1 o'clock Thursday afternoon, the Bay County Sheriff's Office released a road advisory asking drivers to stay away from Laurie, Ann, Dorothy and Joan.

Water on those streets was nearly a foot and a half deep.

The ground was so waterlogged, the lightest winds were able to take down mighty oak trees like this one in the wood lawn subdivision near the Hathaway Bridge.

The tree partially blocked Bay Shore Drive. Thankfully it did not damage any of the surrounding houses.

It has been anything but easy getting around in Panama City Beach as dozens and dozens of accidents and stalls have been reported on Bay County roads.

Bay County Sheriff's Deputies closed Front Beach Road, here in front of our studios for more of the afternoon, due to flooding.

Tow tuck drivers seemed to be running non-stop all day, pulling stalled vehicles out of roadways and ditches.