Wife Speaks Out Against Husband's Jail Assault

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Sandra Sweatt says her husband Robert Sweatt came to Bay County two weeks ago so the couple could finalize the end of their nine-year marriage, but the couple never really got to the divorce papers.

Robert was jailed, and then beaten to within a few inches of his life. Even though Robert and Sandra Sweatt split up years ago, it doesn't numb the pain of hearing her soon-to-be ex husband was severely assaulted in jail.

"He didn't do nothing wrong. He's not perfect, but he didn't deserve this."

Sweatt's teeth have been kicked out, his orbital bone shattered, and he has severe bleeding to his inner cranium. Authorities charged 25-year-old Orlando Marcus Holly with aggravated battery after he attacked another inmate last week, but it came 10 days after the attack. Sandra had to explain to Robert what happened.

Sandra Sweatt says, "Whether you understand or not, the kid is charged. I don't know what it is, but the kid is charged for hurting you and you didn't done nothing wrong. I don't know if it's gonna help you, but I thought it might help you to know this, and at that point he was coherent enough to say that helps to know."

Sandra says she'll be there for Robert to help him get through this, but the hardest part for her is not knowing any details or not getting any answers.

Sandra also wants an explanation as to why Robert was jailed with an inmate who reportedly had assaulted other cellmates in the past.

She says Robert's trespassing charge did not warrant him being jailed with someone that had they type of alleged violent history.

The Bay County Sheriff's Office is still investigating this case, and the Bay County Commission is scheduled to begin its negotiations with CCA over the jail contract this week.