Flood Victims Trying to Recover

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The smell of mildew burns your nose the minute you walk in. The carpets squish as you walk over them. Trash and debris of livelihoods that once were, are heaped in piles, never to be used again.

"We opened the front door and all of a sudden water was coming in, water started coming through the back door and then through my daughter's closet and around the room and everything," said flood victim Rebecca Barnhill.

Homes across Bay County were flooded by several inches of water during Thursday's rains. One apartment complex on Allison Road took a big hit.

Missy Kline is a resident at the complex, she says she and her handicapped son have no where to turn, and little money to find a new home.

"Everyone here doesn't have other places to go, we really don't. We're shacking up with other apartment people or really staying in their cars because there's no where, in a situation like this, to know where to go or what to do. You don't have the money, some people don't. So we're all just working together and helping one another out...the only thing I was able to salvage was my washer, dryer, a TV, and my computer, and some clothes, that's it," she told NewsChannel 7's Kati Weis Saturday.

Kline says her landlord has given her a week to get everything out, and she's keeping a good attitude.

"Carry on. Make it a positive thing in my life, another chapter. We'll be alright."