Annual Lake Drawdown Is Underway

It's been a problem for people who live at Deer Point reservoir for years, overgrown weeds in the water suffocating the lake.

The county tried a multitude of costly and difficult measures to get rid of the weeds but none seemed to get the job done, until they decided to drawdown the lake.

For the last few years Bay County has taken a new approach to getting rid of the weeds which suffocate Deer Point. It’s a 45-day drawdown.

Tuesday morning the county opened up the dam which separates Deer Point fresh water and the North Bay salt water. It will drop the reservoirs level two and half feet. By doing this it exposes the weeds to the cold winter air, killing them off.

Now it's been a difficult process for the county to find a way to kill the weeds without harming Bay County's fresh water supply in Deer Point lake.

Not only is the lake the main supply for most of the drinking water in Bay County it is also a popular recreation and fishing area.