Busy First of the Year County Commission Meeting

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During the December 20 county commission meeting a local resident voiced his concern about public access to the Sapp House.

Mayor Lauren Degeorge purchased the historic home in 2000 under the condition the house be used as “a facility serving the general public.”

Right now the home is not open to the public on a regular basis, but commissioners say this may change.

The board voted to sell the Sapp House to Degeorge in 2000. As required, Degeorge restored the home, placed it on the National Registry of Historic Places, and opened the Sapp House to the public upon request.

The issue is whether or not opening the home at the request of the Bay County Historical Society meets the definition of a “facility serving the general public.”

Commissioners voted unanimously to have the county attorney meet with Degeorge and her counsel to prepare a plan that will provide constant public access.

If an agreement can't be reached the board can revert the property back to the commission, but they would have to repay Degeorge the $60,000 purchase price plus another $180,000 for the renovations she's made.