One Teen Injured in Parasailng Accident Headed Home Thursday, The Other Will Walk Soon

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PANAMA CITY - One of the two teenagers critically injured in the parasailing accident will be going home Thursday.

Alexis Fairchild and Sidney Good were injured July 1 when their tow rope broke loose from a boat. The girls slammed into a condo building, power lines and several cars on the way down.

Alexis is expected to be released from Bay Medical Center/Sacred Heart Thursday morning.

She will continue her rehab much closer to home, at a hospital in Indianapolis.

"She's going to rehab, so she'll walk better, her back, she's got head injuries. So, it's just gonna help her all around make sure there's nothing wrong," said Alexis' father, Michael Fairchild. "There may not be anything wrong and they're going to make sure of that."

Alexis' father also said his daughter is looking forward to school in the fall.

"She'll be going to school. That's the plan," he said. "I don't think she'd want it any other way. No matter what, she'll be there."

He also said Alexis wants to be reunited with her friend Sidney, but that may take a bit more time.

Doctors are hopeful Sidney will begin to walk in the next few days, just days after having surgery to repair a broken neck.

Sidney told her parents that she is bored and wants to get up and move around.

According to a statement by their families, Sidney recognized Alexis on Tuesday and was very happy to see her when she came for a visit.

She has started eating soft foods and is able to feed herself.