Parasailing Teen Needs Reconstructive Surgery

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Sidney Good will need reconstructive surgery to repair fractures in her face and frontal lobe, just above the nose.

Sidney's face was fractured July 1 when she and her friend, Alexis Fairchild, slammed into the side of a condo during a parasailing accident. Their tow rope broke free from a boat. The girls also landed on some power lines and several cars in the parking lot.

Sidney will be transferred to a teaching hospital at some point for that procedure.

Sidney was hoping to walk today for the first time since the accident.

But, doctors have determined it is too soon for her to get up and move around. Keep in mind she had surgery to repair her broken neck on Monday.

Alexis was discharged from Bay Medical about 6:00 a.m. Thursday. She arrived at a rehab facility in Indianapolis Thursday evening.

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