School Vouchers Killed in Court

The Florida Supreme Court says the state’s school voucher program is unconstitutional.

The ruling affects more than 700 students from failing schools who use opportunity scholarships to attend private schools.

The Florida Education Association has battled the state over the issue for six years. The Thursday ruling is a huge blow to Gov. Jeb Bush, who says he plans to keep fighting to keep the voucher program alive.

"That would be my hope. I can't tell you whether that's going to happen or not. That would depend on whether or not there could be a legislative fix or whether there needs to be a change in the Constitution itself. The change in the Constitution would have to take place in all likelihood in November, which means these students, if that is the only solution that is developed, then we would have to find a temporary solution for the parents who want their children to continue to stay in those schools."

The high court agreed to a stay of its ruling that will allow opportunity scholarship students to finish out the current school year.