Washington County Flooded Roads

CHIPLEY- The Washington County Sheriff’s Office, along with Emergency Operation Center officials, are asking residents to continue to use caution on county roadways following recent flooding with rain reports of 20 plus inches leaving several roads with extensive damage.

EOC officials are working tirelessly to repair damaged roadways and residents are urged to be mindful of barricades that have been placed throughout the county restricting use of specific roads/areas.

Washington County Sheriff's Office has received reports of several barricades that have been moved or taken, which is a criminal offense under Florida law. Any person found to be unlawfully in possession of these barricades will be charged by local law enforcement.

In addition, roadways that are barricaded are not to be entered by vehicles including ATV and 4 wheel drive vehicles. Use of these vehicles in restricted areas will result in charges by local law enforcement. Vehicles that unlawfully enter these areas place themselves at risk and further damage already unstable roadways.

If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact Washington County Sheriff’s Office at 638-6111.

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