Area Helicopter Crash Probe Continues

Federal investigators are trying to piece together clues of a deadly helicopter crash which went undiscovered for three days.

The Jackson County Sheriff's Office has identified two of the three people killed in the crash as Michael Parker and Robert Mason, both from Arkansas.

Investigators haven't identified the third body.

The bodies were pulled from the wreckage on Wednesday. The aircraft had been missing since Sunday night when it crashed in a wooded area south of Interstate 10 in Jackson County.

Officials say investigators are uncertain whether the helicopter departed from Arkansas or Louisiana, but it appears the men were delivering the helicopter to its owner in Palm Beach.

Rescuers initially began searching for the crash in the wrong area, two counties away near Tallahassee. The aircraft didn't file a flight plan with the FAA. The Sheriff's Office says there was a confusion because an area Wal-Mart was one of the places the helicopter stopped Sunday evening.

The helicopter also stopped at an Interstate 10 truck stop for refueling, he said.