U.S. Senator Addresses Hospital Crisis

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Officials at Calhoun-Liberty Hospital are waiting to hear from Tallahassee on the status of their licensing change.

The Hospital Board Association is moving to take over the facility after its previous management company ran into critical financial problems last month.

The same company told Franklin County commissioners they were going to shut down the George Weems Memorial Hospital in Apalachicola, so the commission hired a new management company last week.

These are just a few of the examples of problems Rural Healthcare faces in the 21st century.

Sen. Bill Nelson, (D) Florida, says, "The state of Florida Agency for Health Care Administration ought to get in there and absolutely bring about a settlement of these contractors that have now gone bankrupt so they can reopen those hospitals."

U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson made a stop in Blountstown Friday. Nelson is the co-sponsor of Legislature to increase federal assistance in rural areas for health care. He says a major problem is that many medical care providers want to work in big cities, and once they're there it's hard to get them to leave.

That's why he's supporting an incentive for medical students to have part of their student loans forgiven if they work in rural areas for a certain number of years.

"So many people need counseling on nutrition or proper diet, on things like flu shots and have the availability of that."

He says these programs need to be enhanced and expanded in rural areas.