Sidney Good Could Head To Rehab Facility This Weekend

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INDIANAPOLIS - The second of two teenage girls injured in the parasailing accident is expected to be transferred to a rehab facility any day now.

Sidney Good underwent surgery Wednesday at IU Health Methodist Hospital in Indianapolis. Doctors repaired fractures in the frontal bone around her right eye. They also repaired sinus and nose fractures, as well as replaced the bone flap from an earlier surgery in Panama City.

At the time, doctors said she could be transferred to a rehab facility in three to four days.

Sidney’s father, Eric, said she is aware of all of the support and prayers from around the world for her and Alexis Fairchild.

“She is humbled by the attention and said, it is amazing,” said Eric Good.

Sidney and Alexis were injured July 1 during a parasailing trip in Panama City Beach. The tow rope broke and they hit a condo building, power lines and several cars on their way down.

Alexis was transferred from Bay Medical/Sacred Heart to Rehabilitation Hospital of Indiana, in Indianapolis, on July 12. Sidney was transferred to IU Health Methodist Hospital on Sunday.

The Coast Guard, NTSB and Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission are all investigating the accident. Earlier this week, the Coast Guard said the severe weather encountered by the Why Knot, and the boat's proximity to shore, which was approximately 300 yards, were substantial factors in the accident.

While not mentioning them by name, the Coast Guard seemed to admonish Aquatic Adventures, the parasailing company at the center of the investigation, in its news release.

“Parasail operators need to be especially cognizant of weather conditions on both the surface and at operating altitudes, and remain well within the rated parameters of on board equipment, with adequate safe margins for control and safe recovery of passengers."