Train Derails in Millville

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Crews are working to "right" a derailed train in Millville. More than half a dozen cars, carrying wood chips to the paper mill, derailed around eleven, Wednesday morning, at the intersection of 7th Court and Kraft Avenue.

Nobody was hurt, but residents are concerned because it happened so close to their homes.

"You worry because you're only ten or fifteen feet from a major railway where any type of spill of anything because there are chemicals and wood products that come through here, so it does happen," said Emmett Ammons.

Ammons lives only a few homes down from where the train derailed. He says it isn't the first time something like this has happened.

Other neighbors share his concerns.

"I'm really concerned because if it derailed, one part of the train could go one way and one part the other and you'd never know where it would wind up at," said Beverly Lewis, another neighbor.

The train was heading to the paper mill with a load of wood chips. Some of the cars tipped over slightly when they came off the tracks, but there weren't any injuries.

Bay Line Railroad officials say they aren't sure how the train derailed but they're working to fix the problem. Neighbors say they hope it's a permanent fix, so incidents like this don't happen again.

"You would just like to have more safety conscious procedures set up where it could be avoided, where this could be avoided. We don't need one of these to tumble on someone's home," said Ammons.

Panama City Police say the intersection will be closed for the rest of Wednesday and most of the day Thursday.