Teenager Injured In Parasailing Accident Released From Rehab

INDIANAPOLIS - One of the two teenagers injured in the parasailing accident in Panama City Beach has been released from a rehab facility.

Alexis Fairchild was released from the Rehabilitation Hospital of Indiana.

Alexis left Huntington, Indiana on June 28, with her best friend Sidney Good and her family, headed for Panama City Beach. The week-long summer vacation took a terrible turn on July 1 when the girls went parasailing.

Their tow rope broke free from the boat. Sidney’s brother and beach goers watched helplessly as strong winds drifted the two 17-year-old girls into a condo building, power lines and cars.

Alexis suffered broken bones in her upper spine, a fractured skull and a brain injury. She underwent multiple surgeries at Bay Medical Center before she was transferred to RHI on July 11. There she worked with physical, occupational and speech therapists, and neuropsychologists.

Alexis still has a long road ahead of her. Doctors say she will have to undergo months of outpatient rehab.

Sidney was transferred to RHI on Tuesday.