Bay Co. Representatives Give Transferring Air Force Families a Helping Hand

A delegation of 17 Bay County community leaders are in New Mexico Thursday night to begin welcoming hundreds of families, soon to be moving to our viewing are.

This fall an operational F-22 Raptor Squardon will transfer from Holloman Air Force Base, to Tyndall, which serves as the Air Force's only Raptor pilot training base.

Besides the additinal 22 Raptors, Tyndall will receive hundreds of Holloman personnel, and as many as 1,000 new jobs.

Officials say that's a lot of families to be relocating to the area.

So, the Bay Defense Alliance organized the trip to Holloman Air Force Base, to help calm any stress or anxieties those Air Force families might have.

It will also give our community an idea of any special needs that have to be addressed.

The group will provide information about a number of areas of interest, like public schools, job opportunities for family members, availability of medical care, the housing market, college programs, everyday necessities like vehicle registrastion, dirver's licenses, utility hook-ups, art and cultural opportinities and florida insurance requirements.

The group arrived in New Mexico today and should return home this weekend.