Elder Affairs Department Announces Hotline

State officials hope a new hotline will help senior citizens find answers to their toughest legal problems.

The toll-free number will provide free legal advice and referrals for low-income seniors with questions on a variety of issues including housing and health care.

Elder Affairs Secretary Carole Green says the service is all about making it easy for seniors to find answers to tough questions.

“By calling the helpline they do have a one-stop shop. They do have an opportunity then to get someone on the other end who can act as their advocate, who can not only give them good advice but put them in touch with someone who can help them through all the processes they need to deal with.

"Whether that’s doing a will or something like they need advice about what they need to do to turn over some of their assets maybe, or to be able to sign up for any programs that they need to get involved with.”

The Senior Legal Helpline is 1-888-895-7873.

It’s being paid for with a two-year federal grant of $150,000. The state contracted with Bay Area Legal Services of Tampa to run the helpline.