Cop Killer Trial Will See a Big Delay

The attorney for accused cop killer Robert Bailey announced to the court Tuesday he is withdrawing from the case.

Public Defender Walter Smith says because he has witnessed psychological testing and has inside information on Bailey’s competence level he feels he is more a witness than a defender.

Attorney Smith has been representing Bailey since his arrest in March for the murder of Panama City Beach Police Officer Sgt. Kevin Kight.

Smith says for the past couple of months, information has come out, making him more of a witness in the case. He is now looking for another Public Defender to take his place.

"A lawyer cannot represent someone in a case where he will become a witness, so that necessitates my announcement to the court that I withdraw as his lawyer and seek to have another lawyer represent him."

Smith will technically remain Bailey's lawyer until another defender is put in his place. The change could mean a trial delay of several months to as long as a year. The case was set to go to trial next week.