Olympian Visits Holmes County

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The 2008 Summer Olympics is two years away and one man who is already an Olympic winner is hoping to get another shot at the gold. This champ is making the most of his time between competitions.

Six years ago Olympic swimmer Josh Davis was capturing the gold in the summer games in Sidney. Now he's working with young people from our country helping to give hope to kids from foreign countries.

Josh says, "I just missed Athens in 2004, so I've been traveling around the country motivating college students and athletes. Now I'm back in full-time training for the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, China."

In the mean time this world class swimmer is spending time motivating young people and helping out a great cause. Davis and about 50 college student from around the United States are in Holmes County putting a new face on a 75-year-old facility.

Bethlehem Camp has been around since 1931. The camp usually holds retreats during the summer, but after a makeover it will be used full-time to house children from all over the world while they're in the United States receiving medical care. It's called Hearts of Hope International.

"It's amazing what a new coat of paint does. It makes it look really good. This is beautiful surroundings. We're just spiffing up the buildings a little bit and then they're going to add even more buildings to make this place complete for the kids."

Camp directors say when you’re doing this kind of mission it's always good to have a proven winner on your team.

Jim Rudd, the camp director, says, "I think it's wonderful. He did a great job with these young people, challenging them for their lives and what they're going to do. It's always good to talk to a winner."

Josh Davis plans to visit the children at Hearts of Hope when it opens in the near future. He also hopes to adopt a child from a foreign country to add to his family of five.