Dream Defenders Prepare for Third Weekend

It’s an indescribable feeling inside the Florida Capitol at the end of the business day. With an exception of a group of officers, state workers are nowhere to be found but, this group of protesters fills the rotunda, making their message heard crystal clear.

When you enter the state capitol it’s a known, you’re in for the night. If you leave, you're locked out until the next business day. It’s a challenge the Dream Defenders have been faced with for nearly three weeks.

“It’s just continuous, 24/7 almost,” said Ciara Taylor.

Settling in for the night, it’s quick to see the amount of unity among the supporters.

“I think you’ve seen what we’re doing here, it touches a lot of peoples lives,” said Jonel Edwards.

At the same time, a group of officers keep an eye on the group from afar.

Beds line the halls, a vision showing this group isn't leaving until their demands are met.

“It’s just something the state of Florida needs to address and not act like this isn’t real,” said Curtis Hierro

With help of supporters nationwide, this group of protesters is working to make monumental changes. They continue to demand Governor Rick Scott call a special session of the legislature to address racial profiling, the stand your ground law and the school-to-prison pipeline.

“I think that passion just keeps us going and motivated. Because, some days are really hard, some more than others,” said Taylor

As darkness rises over the state capitol for another night, the group inside the capitol is a reminder to the state and nation the fight is still fresh; and they will stay put until change comes to Florida.

Security for the sit-in has reached 264, 326 dollars. The overall over-time total is 103, 563 dollars. That's money that comes from taxpayers.