Governor Scott Response to Dream Defenders

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The Dream Defenders are approaching their fourth weeks of protesting the "Stand Your Ground" law at the capitol and some Florida taxpayers say they're fed up with how much these protests are costing them.

The capitol has spend almost $300,000 so far accommodating the protesters, providing round-the-clock security and dealing with other incidents for protection.

On July 30, a few oil paintings were removed from the foyer to be protected from any damage from the protests.

The day of August 2, cost taxpayers more than $18,000 alone according to a recent statement by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE).

On Saturday, NewsChannel 7 asked Governor Rick Scott about the expenses, and when he thinks enough is enough.

But, Scott focused on the statements Reverend Jesse Jackson made last week.

When Jackson visited the capitol to join the Dream Defenders, Jackson called Florida "the Selma of our time" and the "apartheid state," statements that Governor Scott says he does not take lightly.

"Well I'm very disappointed in Jesse Jackson, I'm very disappointed in this group that wants to attack our state," Scott said Saturday, "We have a wonderful state, 19.2 million Floridians, we care about everybody in our state. We've got 91 million tourists that come to our state. But Jesse Jackson coming to our state here and insulting every Floridian is the wrong thing to do. I'm disappointed, he should apologize for what he said because we have a great state, we care about every citizen."

Protestors say they aren't going anywhere until Governor Scott calls for a special session on the issue.