Deer Hunter

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Antonio Velez has had to deal with a very troubling sight; someone keeps dumping dead deer carcasses into his pond.

Tuesday morning he found two more deer. That's three in the last two weeks, and eight in the year he's lived here.

Whoever's doing this is harvesting the edible meat and dumping the unusable parts.

"If they're gonna eat the deer, eat them, just don't dump them around, you know, the bodies like that because it's cruelty, it's animal cruelty, it's a fact, especially if you have some waste like that, just bury it in your property, don't dump it in other people's property."

Whoever's doing this is parking their truck on the side of the road, taking the deer across this ditch and dumping them into Mr. Velez's pond over the private property “no trespassing” sign.

Clearly violations are going on, and Mr. Velez has contacted the Sherriff's Office as well as the Fish and Wildlife Commission, but he just wants them to do something about this problem.

"I would like for this to stop, because if I find out whoever's doing this I will have them arrested and prosecuted," he says.

Whoever is responsible could face a first or second degree misdemeanor for killing does out of season.