Lawmakers Launch Tax Break Proposals

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Florida lawmakers want you to keep more of your cash.

The Republicans want to give you a week-long sales tax holiday on just about any item up to $5,000 bucks. Democrats want to send every homeowner a check for $100.

Got your eye on a big-screen TV? Florida lawmakers want to give you a break on the sales tax.

House Republicans are proposing the largest tax cut in history, a one-week sales tax holiday this summer on the first $5,000 of virtually any purchase. House Speaker Allan Bense says yes, he’s serious.

“We mean this, we would love to have this tax break, and this is for everybody, rich and poor.”

The proposal stunned some lawmakers. Sen. Dave Aronberg says the $500 million price tag should be spent on more pressing needs.

“I think our money is better used to alleviate the homeowners’ insurance crisis than it is to help a few people save money on a plasma screen TV.

No surprises here. The Democrats also have a warm and fuzzy tax give-back. How about a check for a hundred bucks? House Minority Leader Chris Smith says instead of the sales tax holiday, the state should refund every homeowner $100 since their spending brought in much of the state’s surplus.

“We look forward to our GOP friends embracing a better idea to achieve what they say they want to achieve to give tax

As generous as they sound, though, neither proposal would mean much to the state’s poorest residents who don’t own homes or drop big dollars on big ticket items.

A decision is expected in this year’s annual legislative session which begins next month.