Racetrack Proposed for Marianna

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A new place of recreation may be coming to Jackson County. While it could mean economic development, some folks aren't ready to have it in their back yard.

Today it's piles of hay and cattle, but this time next year this farm land could become a community of campers and dirt bikes.

Linda Knight is a Jackson County resident and says, "I heard that they're going to put in a RV park and a race track. The neighbor hood's not thrilled about it."

Last month MX Oasis Inc. submitted an application to Jackson County's Planning Office to build a race track, a smaller dirt bike pit and an RV park. It would be located on Mocking Bird Road in the southeast portion of the county.

Rick Pettis, the Director of Community Development, says several community members have already expressed their concerns.

"Are there concerns about the neighbors and the community? Certainly there are. Traffic in terms of the traffic increase, in terms of the traffic volume going to increase traffic on the local roads. Are they designed to handle them?"

Pettis says right now there are no rules against these type businesses.

"Somebody buys a piece of property, it's theirs to use as long as those uses comply with the local regulations."

But the county has to assess the extra impact on sewage, traffic, noise and a number of other factors. Others like Daisy Peacock are worried about the track changing the community.

"This has been a peaceful neighborhood for many, many years. I really hate to see it upset with a whole lot of traffic and a lot of noise. We raise livestock for living"

Jackson County planning officials hope to have their study on the race track completed and ready to present to the planning board by March.