Speeding School Bus

Bay District School officials are investigating one of their bus drivers accused of speeding through a school zone.

Panama City police actually video taped the incident as they tried to stop the driver.

Officers say William Cutler was going 43 miles and hour though the 20 mile an hour school zone at Panama Christian on Balboa Avenue Wednesday afternoon.

There were a handful of children on the bus when officers tried to pull him over. Cutler ignored their blue lights and sirens. They eventually stopped him several blocks away.

Police say cutler denied speeding, but the video tape tells a different story.

Bay County School Supt. James McCalister says school officials suspended Cutler pending an investigation.

"I think if we have speeding that in itself tells you we have some unsafe conditions there. We don't want to tolerate this with students on board the bus, or if the bus was even empty."

Cutler's case will go before the school board within a week or so. He could be terminated.