Officials Talk Demolition for Old Bridge

The days may be numbered for the old Dupont Bridge.

The structure is almost 80 years old and hasn't carried traffic in nearly 40 years. Local fishermen have used the remaining end sections as piers.

But the county says the old bridge is unsafe and could be a liability. Next week Bay County commissioners are expected to deed the old bridge back to the state.

The county had looked into the possibility of asking the state to help renovate the two ends as fishing piers, but that would cost more than tearing the structures down and building a new fishing pier.

Ed Smith is the Bay Co. Manager. He says safety is paramount.

"It's really not a safe structure anymore, so we really need to look at taking it down and then at the same time replacing it with something people can use."

The demolition process could cost between $1 and $2 million.