Frugal Friday

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Fresh or frozen? Can you tell the difference in baked bread? Fresh bread is really a luxury, but you can get frozen bread that's cheap and delicious.

One basket is filled with fresh rolls and bread from a bakery. The other contains a selection of some of the latest frozen breads. Can you see any difference?

"The introduction of quality frozen breads and rolls to the supermarkets nationwide has been a long time coming. Now consumers have a vast array of choices and consumers don't have to go the supermarket at the last minute to buy fresh breads and rolls. They can just pull them right out of their freezer."

And one of the best is the Pillsbury Oven Baked Dinner Rolls at $3.29.

"I like these. These are soft and a little bit sweet and they make a nice plain dinner roll."

The Rhodes-brand breads turned out to be the most versatile choice of all.

"The Rhodes frozen bread actually is the only one that comes as a dough, but the great cheat with these is that you can cut them into homemade cloverleaf rolls. You can pack them snuggly into a baking pan for traditional "pull apart" rolls."

And the Alexia Artisan Breads, which are sold at Sam's Club and Super Target stores, are a great buy for $1.79

So now it's possible to find flavor and freshness right from your supermarket freezer. Frozen breads and rolls sometimes require a few hours to thaw before you can bake them, but most can go straight into the oven and only need to cook for a few minutes.

Manufacturers’ Contacts:

Pillsbury Oven Baked Dinner Rolls
(Marlene Johnson)

Alexia Artisan Breads
212-227-7743 (Jack Acree)

Rhodes Rolls
801-942-3958 (Jenna Jackson)