Tomato Shortage Hikes Up Prices

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If you want them, you must ask for them. That's because Wendy’s restaurants ,which use 85 million pounds of them a year, are reducing their tomato orders due to the increased prices of the produce.

Jennifer Eslava, a fruit stand retail manager, says, "You see it gradually increase over time, so it just seems outrageous. We're hoping everything will break and everything will be ok."

It could affect your cooking habits. Isabell Perez loves to make tomato salad, and now she has to settle for tomatoes in her salad.

Isabell says, "I know, I was shocked! I was shocked when I saw the price of the tomatoes, $2.99 per pound?"

Because of all the hurricanes we've had this season, the tomato crops were damaged early on. Some estimate prices will remain this high until summer when they start growing once again.

But other restaurants in town are dealing with the price increase by not doing anything at all.

Aaron Hallemeyer, Boatyard executive chef, says, "We don't change our recipes for anything. We try not to change our prices structure, we just, if we look at it again over the whole year, we just try to absorb it when things are out of season."

And until they're back in season, this ripe red fruit will cost you a whole ‘lotta green.