22 Jackson County School Administrator Positions Shuffled

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Marianna- Jackson County Superintendent Steve Benton said financially, the district needed a change.

"Pay scale was not matching the job description" Benton explained. "And once some principals were moved around, they may be on a pay scale of a high school level. But, if they were moved to an elementary school, they were still receiving high school pay at the elementary school. So, it wasn't equitable amongst the administrators."

Then there were some administrators, like Riverside Elementary School Principal, John Ellerbee. He hadn't moved around in nearly a decade, but will next school year.

"I've been at Riverside nine years- a great nine years" he said. "It's kind of a bittersweet transition, this is a great place. Great faculty, staff; great community; the students are wonderful. It's kind of an anxious moment for me. I'm kind of stepping out of my comfort zone because all of my career has been in the school setting. Now, I'll be going into the district setting." Ellerbee will oversee early childhood and elementary education.

Benton said the administrative mix up was a long time coming.

"My principals knew it when I came into office" he told us. "I discussed it with them two months ago before I did it. And I think all my changes are going to make our school system a little brighter this time.

Ellerbee hadn't hammered out all of the details of his new job yet, but said, "I'm sure it will be implementing the new changes from the Department of Education that the legislatures have implemented for us. And, making that transition with the schools. So, I'm excited about the opportunity and looking forward to the challenge."

School board members will still have to approve the administrators transfers. They'll consider the changes next Tuesday at the meeting.