Parasailing Teen Talks About Accident For First Time

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PANAMA CITY BEACH - One of the teenage girls injured in the parasailing accident in Panama City Beach is talking about the tragedy for the first time.

Alexis Fairchild has been home in Huntington, Indiana for a couple of weeks. But she’s just now starting to open up about the accident.

Alexis and her best friend, Sidney Good, went parasailing July 1st in Panama City Beach. During the excursion, their tow rope broke free from the boat. Gusty winds then carried the 17-year-old girls into the 13th floor balcony of the Commodore Condominium building on Thomas Drive, down onto some power lines and eventually several cars in the parking lot.

Alexis says she remembers the accident. When asked what was going through her mind the moment she realized the tow rope broke, Alexis said “too much.”

On Wednesday, the Coast Guard, which is investigating the accident, requested a copy of a photo aired exclusively by NewsChannel 7. It shows the girls harnessed to the parasail as the boat pulling them heads straight towards approaching storm clouds

Alexis says she just saw that photo for the first time.

The tragic accident was also captured on video and then uploaded to YouTube.

(Warning: Graphic Language)

Alexis has not watched the video yet, but says she will “One day when I feel that I'm ready!”

The road to recovery has been a bumpy one. Alexis has to wear a helmet on her head when she’s out in public to protect the soft spot on her head that is a result of brain surgery. Like you might imagine it would be for any teenage girl, Alexis says the helmet is embarrassing and she’s tired of people staring at her when she goes out.

Another challenge for Alexis, she’s not allowed to attend the same high school as her friends because of some of the medical issues she faces. Alexis has a PICC line and faces another brain surgery down the road. But she’s keeping good spirits and is able to joke about the ordeal.

As for what Alexis and Sidney were talking about when the rope broke, Alexis offers this gem.