Washington County Drenched Again By Dangerous Floods

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Wausau- It was the 1-2 punch Washington County had hoped to dodge. Just as the area was picking up the pieces from a record 200 year flooding event in July, the county was pounded again with flash flooding.

"Temporary repairs [from July] have been undone. Nothing- nothing has held. The heavy rain, the fact that it moved slowly through the area- the influx- it was just more than we could handle. We had water over roads, highways- it was a very dangerous situation" Public Safety Director, Lynne Abel said Monday, recapping the events of the past 48 hours. And, she said dangerous road ways were still a major concern.

Washington County schools delayed the start date, planning Wednesday to be the first day of school. But, officials said there may be too much damage to fix in such a short time frame.

"If there's not a barricade or a road sign in place, [drivers] do not need to assume [the road is] safe. Just because there's not a barricade or sign, all of our barricades and signs are in use throughout the county. We're continuing to need to close roads."

The county had just received President Obama's approval for federal funding to help restore the area after July's floods. As of Monday, officials had already declared another local state of emergency.

"Right now, we are not declared any FEMA assistance to homeowners" Abel said. "But, if you are the homeowner and the resident, we need to hear from you. If you've had any water standing inside the home, we need to know."

She said residents with damage may be eligible for help from a long term recovery group that was established in the county.

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