Walton Cemetery

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Death is a part of life and for many folks keeping the family together is a great comfort. But what if the city has different plans?

Often, decisions over a final resting place are anything but final.

A family burial lot in DeFuniak Springs' Magnolia Cemetery has been in Earl Matthews’ family since 1928. The lot was plotted out for 12 family members. When Earl's mother died in 2001, eight of the plots had already been filled.

A city resolution passed in '93 forced Matthews to dig up a family friend and remove her from the family burial lot so that his parents could be laid next to each other.

And the Matthews aren't alone. Hundreds of other families in DeFuniak Springs will have the same problem, and Matthews says they probably won't find out about it until the worst possible time.

Matthews has been fighting with the city on this issue since 2001 and hopes to have it resolved by the time he's ready to rest in peace.