Southport Incorporation

Some in the Southport community continue the effort to create Bay County's ninth city.

The committee behind the Southport incorporation movement held a Town Hall meeting Monday night to talk about the feasibility study it's been working on. That study is part of the process required by the Legislature that could lead to an incorporation vote.

If lawmakers approve the plan this spring, they'll allow the people living in the proposed Southport city limits to vote on incorporation in the fall.

More than 100 people turned out at the Southport community center to hear about the plan. There weren't too many concrete figures, but it calls for the city to contract police and fire services. The city would operate without any property taxes and would survive on user fees

Those who favor incorporation, like “Doc” Ferland, say it's necessary for the area's survival.

"I think the best way for it to continue is for us to incorporate. If we don't incorporate I think we'd be victim as a potential of becoming a takeover target for another city."

Butch Gould told the audience the community’s money would stay in the community.

"The dollars will be spent in Southport, that's it. You put the dollars here and they're spent here."